Support SB 250


SB 250 seeks to authorize ambulatory surgical facilities to keep patients for up to 48 hours from the time of admission. Current law requires that after 24 hours the patient shall be either discharged or transferred to another health care facility.

 Patient Choice            Lower Health Care Costs              Lower Infection Risks

 ASC have demonstrated quality of patient care services and high level of satisfaction.

  Why 48 Hours: driven by the demand for total joint procedures or other procedures requiring longer recoveries for pain control 

  • 48 Hours needed for pain management
    • Procedures take longer but real concern is the need to properly managed post surgery pain


  • Patient experiences are all very positive for partial joints and other ASC procedures
  • Patients want and should have the option of whole joint replacement
  • Why should Government be a barrier to individual health care choice


  • Healthcare costs today are an enormous challenge
  • Here is a proven way to control some of the costs and give patients a choice
  •  Lower costs of ASC procedures is well documented


 ASC have documented lower risks for infections  

  SB 250 is an opportunity.

 An opportunity to eliminate a government barrier to allow patients greater choice over their own care.

 An opportunity to significantly control and lower an individual as well as system health care costs

An opportunity to lower patient’s risks. We know and have seen health care does not have to mean hospital care.

It is time for us to ralley for the support of this bill.  Please contact your legislators and ask them to support this bill.  Ask the physicians/surgeons in your ASC to contact them as well.  There is strength in numbers.

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