In New Hampshire, NHASA is the only organization that maintains close contact with state agencies to monitor and impact regulations that govern ASCs. The association is focused on the advancement of the ambulatory surgical center industry through legislative and regulatory advocacy. NHASA maintains a full time presence at the state legislative level, proactively monitoring and reacting to legislative issues concerning ASCs.

NHASA actively:

  • Conducts meetings to keep members current on clinical and administrative topics and trends that could impact the surgical practice
  • Provides networking opportunities for members to develop relationships at membership meetings
  • Distributes a quarterly newsletter with key ASC topics
  • Assists with benchmarking projects
  • Lobbies for the industry at the state legislature
  • Develops relationships with key lawmakers

On a national level, NHASA works with the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association and the Ambulatory Surgery Foundation. This cooperation allows NHASA members to add their influence to activities at the Federal level.